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Employment Status of the Elderly Referring to the Social Security Organization of Tehran


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The aim of this study was to examine the employment status of the elderly over 60. A survey was carried out on the employment status of the elderly referring to the Social Security Organization in Tehran. A Questionnaire along with interview was used for data collection. The samples were chosen randomly and selected through the people referring to 30 social security offices in Tehran, 15 people from each office and totally 450. To analyse the data, descriptional statistics and Chisquare test were applied. Based on the results, 86% of the elderly are unofficially employed. Also, 95.7% of the questioned people are working after retirement and 7.2% have two jobs at the same time. 70.9% declared that their income is not sufficient for life expenses. 97.4% said that they are employed contract-based and temporary. 58.2% of them assumed that their main present problem is inability to cover the life expenses. Therefore, different needs of the elderly should be studied to improve their living status by providing them necessary support. This subject can be implemented under social policy Plan and through compiling a comprehensive welfare act for the elderly and providing proper services adapted to their needs.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The theo- ry emphasizes that the elderly should be in a good financial situa- tion and suggests the people to save some money while working for their retirement period, and they should not rely on to the pension and social security allowances. For the present study, a survey was carried out on the employment status of the elderly referring to the Social Security Organization in Tehran. To determine samples in each office of the social security (30 branches in Tehran), at first, number of samples was determined compar- ing to each year and considering the retired people from 1996 to 2003. 29 percent of the interviewees in 60-65 years old group declared that their income is not sufficient in terms of the life expenses. 2 percent believed 70 years old, it seems that to determine the proper age for retirement other ele- ments can be considered such as type of physical and mental activities as well as the average life age and other appropriate factors for work- ing, delay in decreasing income dur- ing retirement and avoiding re- employment. - Providing required equipment, loan, financial assistance, medical expenses and medical care via bene- fiting from supplementary medical insurance, creating elderly data bank for recruitment, benefiting the employed elderly from specific facili- ties to use public places like cinema, theater, other recreation centers, recognizing and presenting the tal- ented elderly who has got consider- able success in order to encourage the youth as a proper pattern of life can be very valuable."

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