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The Percentage of Vowel correct Scale in Persian Speaking Children


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies,Tehran, Iran Objectives: The Percentage of vowel correct (PVC) is one of the indices in the development of articulation and phonological skills in children that can be measured with speech samples that could be extracted from the single word or connected speech tests. The aim of this study is to introduce the PVC scale in Persian speaking children and investigate its validity and reliability. The instrument for measuring PVC was Phonological Picture naming Test which its Content Validity Ratio (CVR) was assessed by Speech Language Pathologists and linguists. Results: Construct validity was confirmed with a significant difference between PVC scores of Children with and without phonological disorders (respectively: P<. Discussion: Results show that the PVC Scale is probably to be a reliable and valid instrument for evaluating articulation competence of Persian speaking children in clinical settings and research projects. The DEAP test is one of the most useful and popular instruments is designed to evaluate articulation and phonological ability and to provide a differential diagnosis of speech disorders for children aged 3;0- 6;11 years. 001) Discussion The results of the present study provided evidence for psychometric properties (content validity, construct validity, test- retest and scoring- rescoring reliability) of a Persian version of the PVC scale. Based on the results of this study, PVC seems to be a valid and reliable measure that could be used as an indicator of the articulation competence in Persian speaking children."

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