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The effect of Perceptual Motor Training on Motor Skills of preschool children


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"Pediatric Neurorehabilitation Research Center University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, Iran Hajar Barati* University of Allameh Tabatabayi, Tehran, Iran Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the effect of perceptual-motor training on motor skills of normal preschool children (aged 4-6 years) in Esfahan city. systematic method in the game has positive effect on the capacity of movement control and promotes Variable Group Pre- test Post- test PV mental and motor skills of children. The results of the study about improving overall motor skills are consistent with the findings of the studies of Dortaj and Asemi (14) , Salman et al (15), Shahbazi (16), Aghaei Baliani (17), Piek (18), Geuze (19), Shirvani Broujeni (1) , Rohbanfard (20) Pienaar (21), Asonitou (22), Lupu (23). Dortaj and Asemi examined the effect of selected motor program on cognitive-motor skills and academic achievement in students with slow learning in Variable Group Pre- test Post- test PV second grade of primary school. 06 Discussion This study showed that after perceptual-motor training, intervention group achieved higher scores in motor skills than the control group, which represents the effect of this training on motor skills development. Findings of this study about the effect of perceptual- motor training on fine motor skills are consistent with the findings of Lupu(8), Miquelote et al (9), Mohammadi and sabzi (10), Sheikh et al (11), Reimer et al (12), and Ghodsi (13). M. The Effects of perceptual-motor training to improve motor function in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder in Primary schools in Tehran Jurnal of Learning and development of movement - physical."

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