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a theoretical and applied research in the field degree of dependency of economic growth of developing countries to the economic growth of developed countries


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The analyses by the first ranked economists show that the economical growth of the countries that import oil or non-oil developing countries (NODCs) depends on the economical growth of the industrial countries. “Goldstein” & “Khan” by means of a long & complete verification show the dependence of the economical growth and “Callier” also claims this fact that the economical growth of the countries that import oil relates on the industrial countries and also depends on the real interest rate. The author of this paper generalizes the above idea in these facts that: This verification also includes the countries that export oil or oil-exporting developing countries (OXDCs) and by the way among all the countries that are talked about, the Islamic republic of Iran is chosen and the influence of these parameters on the economical growth of this country is analyzed. In contrast with “callier’s” conclusions first of all this paper shows that nominal interest rate has influenced by the growth of the NODCs countries considerably. Secondly the economical growth of the industrial countries and world interest rate do not have any influence on the economical growth of the countries that are try to improve their oil export. Additionally this analyze mentions that the economical growth of Iran before & after of Islamic revolution has not influenced by the economical growth of the industrial countries nor the world interest rate and the negative and also the meaningful dummy parameter tell that the economical structure after revolution is not good and if there isn’t any plan to change the structure & conditions of the economy the real economical growth encounters the reduction rate of 5%.

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"Other test which was done by “Goldsbrough” & “Zaidi” in 1986 in international monetary fund showed that([2]): Generally macro economics variables in industrial countries, especially the economical growth rate, have great influence on the economical growth of the developing countries, but we should take into consideration that this is not the only factor that governs this fact. 3- Model The model is consisted of a “comprehensive contract” on the term of “functional” relation” between economical growth of developing countries (Y= domestic gross product) and four variables: Growth of industrial countries (GIC= domestic gross products of industrial countries) Nominal interest rate (NIR) Real interest rate (RIR) if RIR= NIR-PX when PX is price (unit value) of export for America Labor force (L) Compose of constant physical investment (K) ______________________________ [1]- The previous diagram compares the basic products and the manufacture products and shows the sensitivity of each of them due to economical growth of industrial countries. * level of significance at 10% **level of significance at 5% *** level of significance at 1% + =first order self correlation DW = Durbin-watson-stat N = number of observations 6- Applied Consequences about Iran Equation 13, 14 and 15 for determining the effect of the economic growth of the industrial countries and the global rate of interest on Iran economy also are used, with only this difference that in regression equation the dummy variable also is used in all three equations so that to separate the pre and the post revolution (before 1987, the dummy variable was (zero) and from 1979 on has been (one))."

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