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علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (16 صفحه - از 339 تا 354)

خلاصه ماشینی:

The Explanation of the Eternal Punishmentfor Murderer Who Is Muʾmin in the 93rd Verse of Sūrat al_Nisāʼ with a Look to the Maxim:“the Suspension of Hukm in the AttributeWhich Implies to the Reason” ( Majid Zarei (PhD student of the Quran Sciences & Hadith) ( Hamed Dezhabad (Associate professor at Univ. With this analytic view, defining a new instance of justice pivot in the contractual relation between countries (the The Realistic Idealism from Quranic Point of View ( Muhammad Ibrahim Roushanzamir (Assistant professor at Razavi University) ( Ali Arabi Ayask (PhD student of the Quran Sciences & Hadith) T he discussion of the relationship between Idealism which means considering the ideals only and neglecting the realities and Realism that means matching the movement only on the basis of the realities, has a long background and led to lengthy discussions. Keywords: The exegesis of the holy Quran, Tawhid (oneness of God), The interpretive methods, The exegetical bases. The examination of the effects and several measures in this field shows that the available sources and approaches have mostly focused on the individual propagation methods and the explanation of the textual‌ Abstracts The Examination of the Impact ofthe Object of Knowledge on Ethicsfrom the View of the Noble Quran ( Hamed Maskoob (PhD student of the Quran Sciences & Hadith) ( Sayyed Muhammad Baqer Hujjati (Full professor at Azad University of Tehran) ( Mahdi Mehrizi (Associate professor at Azad University of Tehran) T his note has tried to study the effect of the object of knowledge on ethics from the view of the holy Quran.

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