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Designing a Media Model for Iran based on Social and Cultural Risks control of Satellite Media


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Background: This article is based on this view that by using the technology of satellite media, related risks are come about; consequently some actions should be taken to deal with these risks for taking them under control. Objective: The objective of this article was to identify social and cultural risks of satellite media to prevent their negative impacts and designing a new final model for Iran to assist managing all these risks. Methods: Basically the research done was a comparative study; therefore in nature, it called for a qualitative research. So, a descriptive research along with case studies as well as an analytical study were applied too. Distributing questionnaires to get to the final model led to an exploratory research and consequently applying the Mann-Whitney U Test using the SPSS statistics concluded to a quantitative research, therefore on this basis, this article ended as a research based on a mixed method. Findings: By comparing five countries which were randomly selected from almost each continent along with Iran, twenty parameters which were in common among all those countries were identified and processed. Conclusions: A new model successfully designed for Iran based on the mentioned twenty parameters, ten of them were related to the cultural risks control and the remaining ten were related to the social risks control.

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risk ، Control ، Social Risk ، Satellite Media ، Cultural Risk

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