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Metaphorical Semiotics of the Elements of Creating Atmosphere of Metaphorical Semiotics of the Elements of Creating Atmosphere of(Case Study: Love-Stricken Film) مقاله

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As one of the arts of creating space as well as a tool for audiovisual representation, cinema can convey the intended concept and content by the built space. It has been tried in this study to analyze Ali Hatami’s Cinema to build space with identity for Iranian users. The research approach is qualitative and methodology is based on deductive reasoning with moving from theory to analysis on case study. The librarian studies have been used at the process of extraction of theoretical basis of reasoning and Love-stricken movie has been analyzed in this process using analytical-descriptive method. Results show that architectural language used in Hatami’s Cinema could be assumed including the following elements: The presence in open space of yard at houses and gardens, sitting on ground floor and highlighting Persian carpets in the plans, focusing on outlook inside rooms toward garden and linking among built space and natural atmosphere, presence of water pool and walking of characters beside water pools in Persian Garden, dark spaces that show spatial depth of traditional architecture, written language and literature and poetic-like expression, existing Persian music in scenario as well as contextual music may stimulate auditory perception of audience.

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Architectural Semiotics ، Metaphorical Semiotics ، Ali Hatami ، Love Stricken ، Built Space

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