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فهرست مقالات



(9 صفحه - از 208 تا 216)

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خلاصه ماشینی:

"Elaborating on the society-creating teachings according to the Quran and traditions the following principles are discussed in the present article; 1- Principle of individual and social justice 2- Principle of unity: resolving problems and being compassionate to other people 3- Principle of cooperation and collaboration in charity and avoidance of bad deeds 4- Principle of mercy and good deeds and fighting poverty and being fair and right when conducting business 5- Principle of common surveillance, encouraging everyone to do good things and stopping them when doing evil acts 6- Principle of fighting all types of corruption namely, financial, moral, political, and official ones 7- Principe of management and organization As God has promised in the Quran, man is moving toward expanding Islam and divine values and in long-run an evolved global community under the leadership of the promised Mahdi, one of the grandsons of the Prophet, will be established and man will reach his real perfection."

برای مشاهده محتوای مقاله لازم است وارد پایگاه شوید. در صورتی که عضو نیستید از قسمت عضویت اقدام فرمایید.