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کلید واژه های ماشینی : An Introduction Majma Lughat، Shiah Abu Abdullah Zanjani، Abdullah Zanjani Mirza Abu Abdullah، Zanjani Mirza Abu Abdullah Zanjani، Abu Abdullah Zanjani Mirza Abu، Includes Imam Reza، By Mohammad Hadi Muazzin Jami، This Hakim Jalweh، Bihar، In Majma Lughat

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The issues dealt in this article include, the various extant Islamic sciences, the prevailing deviant currents of thought, scholars and kings, official status of the scholars, the scholars of different cities, ة A Review of the Book ''''Wazheha -e- dakhil dar Quran -e- Majid'''' By Mohammad Hadi Muazzin Jami ''''Wazheha -e- dakhil dar Quran -e- Majid'''' is one of the important works done by orientalists, and despite its discrepancies and weaknesses it contains useful information which makes good reading. The author of this article conducts a detailed analysis of this book and highlights its importance; he also critically reviews it and points out its weaknesses. Under the caption '''' summary introductions'''' the following books have been discussed: Tadhkirat al - fuqaha, al - Isharat, Tafsir -e- Zayd al - Shahid, Rawish shinasi -e- tafasir -e- mawzuiy, Siyagh al - Uqud, ets ة Bibliography of Hakim Jalweh''''s Works By Ghulam Reza Guli Zawareh Sayyid Abul Hasan Tabatabai, popularly known as Hakim Jalweh, is one of the great Shii philosophers whose personality has not been duly recognised."

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