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کلید واژه های ماشینی : An Effort Restoring Rashiduddin Hamadani ، By Muhsin Kadivar ، The Yayi Poem Mir Fendereski ، Yayi Poem Mir Fendereski Its ، Mir Fendereski Its Commentaries ، Initially Mir Fendereski ، At Imam Khumayni ، By Mohammad Hasan Tehrani ، Under ، Summary Introductions

خلاصه ماشینی:

"An Effort for Restoring a work of Rashiduddin Hamadani By Najib Mayal Harawi This article introduces the book Bayan al-haqaiq of Rashiduddin Hamadani and provides a list of its contents (which includes seventeen treatises). In this article, initially the mode of compilation of this work has been discussed, and later some of its discrepencies and errors explained. *** About Miraat -al ahwal -e- jahan numa By Rasul Jafariyan In this article the format of the recent print of the book Miraat al-ahwal -e- jahan numa of Agha Ahmad - who is the son of Muhammad Ali Kirmanshahi and grandson of Allamah Wahid Behbahani- has been initially commented upon and the manner of its editing has been summarily reviewed - Later a report of its contents has been provided which accurately points out the issues discussed by the author."

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