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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Mir Gholam Ali، Biharol Anwar Ali، Moh، Mir، The Abdullahe Ansari، Darabi Mulla Hadi Subzawari، Mir Fandareski، Erfan، The Mr، Mah

خلاصه ماشینی:

"In this essay, after a short intoduction regarding the islamic sources of gnosticism and mysticism the author criticises and reviews the book compiled by sayyed Zaya- oddin Sajjadi as a text book for university stndents, specializing in persian literature. Next, arabic compilings of Mir Gholam Ali- Azad-e- Belgrami are introducted which are numerated to over fifteen prose and poetry In the section of introduction to Scienrific and cultural centres of this issue, we get introducted to Damascus university. The other angle of criticism is the immodercy in the methodology of the book which is visible in the sections of the famous men , non Arabic words and ather instances. Ya-e-ieh elegy is Mir Fandarski and it''''s interpretation by Muhsin Kadivar The author in this essay idetifies and states the phelosophical rank of the sage Abdul-kassim Moosawi Mir Fandareski (970-1050), the famous philosopher of the eleventh century."

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