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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Fatima ( SA ، Hazrat Fatima ، This Hezrat Fatima ، Dar Ayeneh Kitab ، Author ، In Rencelad Nickelson ، Arabic Persion ، Saleem Ibne Kaais ، Farsi ، Harfay Tajeh Dar Adab

خلاصه ماشینی:

"In this article author critics the book "Hazrat Fatima (SA) Dar Ayeneh Kitab". Review of the book "Musnad-e- Fatima (SA)" In this article author introduces the book "Musnad-e- Fatima Zehra(SA)" Campilled by the famous Sunni schilor jalal-ul- deen Sooti. Quick review of "Harfay Tajeh Dar Adab-e- Farsi" The article critics and introduces the above book (New ideas in Persian literature). Summery of "Al-MUTIL Fee Ahkcm Al-Mara Wa Al-Boitul muslim" This article introduces and crities the above title book (Detail Rules and regulation of women in muslim home. Halali" In this article author gives a report on the book "Saleem Ibne kais Holali'''' (Born in 80AH). In the article the auothor mentions the importance of the book "Saleem Ibne Kais and gives the views of scholars regarding its eredibility and finally he erities about the book''''s rectification. The author in this article first introduces Masnowy Manawy and its description of them and then compares the description given by Nickelson with its persian translation."

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