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Initial Acquisition of English Inflections by Persian Learners of English as a Foreign Language


علمی-پژوهشی/ISC (30 صفحه - از 69 تا 98)

کلیدواژه ها :

Inflectional structure ،Inflectional projection (pronouns) ،Tense projection (tense markers) ،Complementizers (Wh-questions)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : The UG English Persian English ، It Persian English Universal Grammar ، Acquisition English Inflections Persian Learners ، English Inflections Persian Learners English ، Persian Learners English Foreign Language ، It VP IP Persian English ، Universal Grammar Second Language Acquisition ، Second Language Acquisition ، Universal Grammar Second Language ، Second Language Research

This paper is a cross-sectional study of the acquisition of English inflections using retelling and interview tasks. For this purpose 99 subjects were selected. The research was focused on beginners; however, mid and higher level learners were tested to check the developmental stages of English inflections. It also compares and contrasts the structure of Persian and English and finds out whether Universal Grammar (UG) could account for the acquisition of English inflections. The analysis of data indicated that UG could account for the acquisition of English inflections by Persian learners of English.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"It seems that the low level learners moved verbs from VP to IP because of Persian subject clitick transfer to English. Since subject cliticks and tense markers are stronger than those of English then low level learners raise verbs from VP to IP and TP. Schwartz and Sprouse (1996) refer to second language acquisition data which are similar to the above date and they prove that even the low level subjects have acquired functional categories such as IP or TP (see section 2. 5. An Account of Universal Grammar Theories to the Initial Acquisition of English I discussed the Minimal trees hypothesis proposed by Vainikka and Young –Scholton (1994; 1996a; 1996b) that only lexical categories are present at the earliest stage of second acquisition and functional categories such TP and IP develop in succession (see Figure 3 [Picture] 4. 2. Wh- questions acquisition The Chi-square results indicate that the low level learners produced more "Wh-" non-inverted subject and auxiliary (%61. The subjects of this study are Persian speaking learners of English and it aims to determine whether the learners'''' L1 structure plays any roll in acquisition of inflections. 2. The Full Transfer/Full Access hypothesis In regard to the SAdvVO / SVAdvO orders in the L2 French-English data, Schwartz & Sprouse (1996) first point out that these data are not necessarily indicative of the L2 initial state, as the learners had already been exposed to English for some time."

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