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Language Comprehension and Production in L2: A Bimodal Approach to Language Learning/ Teaching


ISC (30 صفحه - از 63 تا 92)

This study aimed to-investigaic the-effeet of various arrangements of modality on language comprehension and production. One hundred university students in four groups received four different treatments during one semester of study. In condition one, audio recordings were presented before visual scripts. In condition two, the order of presentation of the materials was reversed. In condition three, defined as the bimodality condition, the same materials were presented in both modes simultaneously. In condition four, the materials were presented aurally without any written script. The analysis of the performance on language comprehension and language production tests showed that (a) bimodality had no effect on listening comprehension; (b) listening comprehension was positively affected when reading was followed by listening; (c) in the case of pronunciation, a significant difference was observed between the condition in which no text was presented (condition four) and the other conditions; and (¢) in writing, bimodality showed to positively influence spelling and punctuation.

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