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علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (5 صفحه - از 276 تا 280)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Yazd ، Alawids Sayyids Yazd Kakuids ، Iran ، The Imam Ali Fotowwat ، Household ، Shiite ، Khorasan ، Fotowwat ، Yazd Iran ، Balagha Imam Ali

خلاصه ماشینی:

"With Shiite Buyids' rule over Iran and their sovereignty over Baghdad, and with the residence of an Alawid descendent of Imam Sadeq in Yazd and another branch in Abarqu, as well as Yazd's In the last two centuries, a movement was formed in the vast Islamic lands, referred to as the 'Islamic Awakening Movement'. Constitutionalist Movement was his attempt to theorize constitutionalism and the new concepts and institutions introduced along with it in Iran, as well as his attempt to conform it to Islamic teachings based on Shiite political thought in the Occupation Period. Attention to Nahj al-Balagha in the Works of Some Leaders of the Awakening Movements in the Contemporary Islamic World Dr. Abol-fazl Khoshmanesh After revelation of the Holy Quran in a language similar to that of the Arabs, tens of thousands of traditions transmitted from the Prophet and his Household were written in the same language(see Husseini 1417 AH. Abstract Translated: Hosein Masoodi The status of Imam Ali in Fotowwat-Namas of 5th-8tb Centuries And the Shiite Tendency in Tohfat al-Ikhwan Dr. Muhammad Mashhadi Nush-abadi The people of Fotowwat(chivalrousness)were among the social and ritual groups in the history of Islam and Iran, emphasizing the moral and chivalrous principles in human relations. Reasons for the Consistency Between Constitutionalism and the Islamic View In Akhud Khorasani's Political Thought Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Reza Ahmadi Tabataba'iI Ali Hujjati Religious scholars and clergies played an undoubted role in the Constitutional Movement in Iran."

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