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About Website

Noor Specialized Magazines Website is among a series of websites launched by Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences. It is intended to identify and electronically publish specialized journals on Islamic sciences and the humanities.

It is clear that journals, today, have changed to important tools in producing, publishing, criticizing and utilizing the sciences, especially in specialized spheres.

By the entrance of the Internet to scientific information sphere, it has been possible to provide the researchers with a host number of journals using new methods.

In this regard, Noor World Network affiliated to the CRCIS, began to publish Islamic sciences and the Humanities magazines on Hawzah website in 1998. The reception by the users, on the one hand, and the increasing number of features required by the experts for their research affaires, on the other hand, made Noor World Network launch Noor Specialized Magazines Website to meet the users’ demands.

The content presented on the website is the result of non-stop work of our colleagues in the CRCIS since September of 2005. Establishing the most comprehensive and complete archive of Islamic sciences and the Humanities journals on the Internet was the reason behind launching the website.

Containing hundreds of magazines on such subjects as “Quran and Hadith”, “philosophy, theology and mysticism”, “fiqh, usoul, and law”, “librarianship and informatics”, “psychology”, “economics”, “arts”, “management”, “law” and “humanities” has caused the website be arranged among the most important journal stores in the fields of Islamic sciences and the humanities.

Offering a host number magazine ranked as science-research or scientific-propagative is significant privilege of the website. The website also has collected a valuable collection of old magazines which can be a sign of a novel transition in the sphere of informatics. The Statistics section of the website may back up this claim by figures.

Here are some of the features of the website

  1. Presenting images of the journal pages

  2. Downloading the articles in PDF format

  3. Standard and advanced searching through different ranges

  4. Authors database

  5. Providing an environment for criticizing the articles and seeing others’ reviews

Publication rights

Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences has acquired the publishing license for all of the works published in the website. According to the agreement with the authors and license holders, the users may make personal use of articles and journals and may deliver them to their friends; however, they are not allowed to make commercial use of the journals and publish them unless they have the publishing license confirmed by the authors and the CRCIS as the holder of digital publication license.


The publishing of various journals and articles expressing different opinions and thoughts is committed only with the intention of providing the researchers with Islamic sciences and the humanities sources; therefore, it is not necessarily a matter of approving the authors or the ideas the content might reflect.

Needless to say, this website is only a publisher of the journals and articles and has no responsibility for their content.


Noor Specialized Magazines website needs your cooperation to improve the quality of its services. Your constructive suggestions and criticisms will help us pass this way and take important steps in spreading Islamic culture.


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