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The Website of the CRCIS was launched in 2000 to introduce activities, products and software programs developed by the CRCIS. An introduction to the CRCIS and its affiliates, the software programs, latest news and information, downloading the Activation Code of the CRCIS products, FAQ, Forum of Noor Users, etc. are among the fields of activities of this website.
Website address: http://www.noorsoft.org
Hawzahnet was designed in 1998 with the purpose of propagating the Islamic culture. At that time this website was the first reference to present the Shi‘a knowledge and understandings in Persian. Now, this website contains enormous amounts of information among which is 55 thousand subject matters sorted thematically, full text of the Holy Qur’aln, Nahj al-Balaghah, Sahifah Sajjadiyyah, along with the translation and commentary, 50 thousand articles cited from 2500 magazines and journals, presenting the particulars of 20 thousand theses, and presenting 5 thousand of questions and answers in different Islamic subjects.
Website address: http://www.hawzah.net
This website was launched in June, 2014 to reflect the scientific activities carried out in the CRCIS on hadiths. Jami` al-Ahadith, as the greatest Shi‘a hadith website, facilitates the activities of hadith researchers and enthusiasts. At the present some 415,000 hadiths from 278 volumes of Shiite hadith books are contained in the website. Search options, tracing similar hadiths, comparing different hadiths with one another, categorizing the hadiths, and creating personal research projects are among most major qualities of this website.
Website address: http://www.noorhadith.ir
Noor Digital Library website was launched in 2006 with the intention of offering specialized books in the sphere of Islamic sciences and the humanities. The website contains thousands of volumes of valuable Islamic sciences sources on such subjects as Qur’anic science and interpretation, hadith sciences, du‘as and ziyarats, history and conduct, Fiqh and Usoul (Islamic jurisprudence and its principles), ethics, ‘Irfan (Islamic mysticism), etc. along with matchless research capabilities.
Website address: https://www.noorlib.ir
As the first text similarity detection system, SAMIM NOOR was introduced in 2014. The system is intended for a basis for examining similarity of contents in order to prevent plagiarism in scientific investigations and thus to promote the science development health, in the sphere of the humanities in particular. SAMIM NOOR examines correspondence between the content submitted by the user, i.e. articles, dissertations, etc., and the enormous textual information within the CRCIS corpus using similarity detection techniques and takes out the identical concepts and phrases and finally provides a basis for the users to compare their content with the similar material found in the corpus.
Website address: http://www.samimnoor.ir
Text-mining website has been established with the intention of communicating with other institutes and researchers whose area of activity involves text-mining. In this website, the news concerning the latest achievements of Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences as well as the tools and data produced by the Center and the articles authored by its researchers are offered to the public.
Website address: textmining.noorsoft.org
This website was established in 2007 with the purpose of imparting information in the field of introducing the researchers. Introducing thousands of researchers in the field of humanities together with their works paves the way for the users to get access to the researchers through an alphabetical index, and the index sorted on the basis of their specialty, and another index on the basis of the centers they work. The editing option has also been provided for the researchers to update their information.
Website address: http://www.andishvaran.ir
The website of Imam Ali (A.S) was designed in 2000 after the Great Leader of Islamic Revolution: Ayatollah Khamenei called it the Year of Imam Ali. Various nuggets of information about the thoughts, lifestyle, virtues and adherents of Imam Ali are available in this website. The users can also benefit from the text and translation of Nahj al-Balaghah, its commentaries, supplements, sources and references and the book of al-Ghadir and its Persian translation accompanied with a thematic index.
Website address: http://www.imamalinet.net
This website was launched in 2006 after the Great Leader of Islamic Revolution: Ayatollah Khamenei called it the Year of the Holy Prophet (S). Various nuggets of information in the fields of the Prophet’s words, history, lifestyle, and household are accessible in this website.
Website address: http://www.rasoolnoor.com