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خلاصه ماشینی:

"key expressions: Imam Khomeini, islamic revolution, islamic politics, crisis, legitimacy, satisfaction, ideology, culture The Necessities of National Interests in Islamic Republic of Iran by: Khosrow Ghobadi The concept of national interest was first used by realists such as Morgenta as the only factor which determines the behavior of governments in the international arena. The article gives a brief account of the history of the development of this concept and discusses favorably of its necessity and implications in the Islamic Republic of Iran under such titles as the conceptual ripeness of national interest, solving ideological conflicts, environmental and regional exigencies, the international order and American hegemony, and finally the democratic aspect of this identity. key expressions: national identity, islamic republic, modernity, Iranian modernity The Epistemological Foundations of Political Progress in Iran (The Jurisprudential Approach) By: Mohammad Pezeshki This article dicusses the jurisprudential approach towards the political progress and while indicating the ideological and cultural roots of the issue, tries to clarify its epistemological foundations."

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