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متن و ترجمه بیش از 393,000 حدیث شیعه در پایگاه نورحدیث ...
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"These stances are natural reflection of the influence of the rule of ``amity and acquittal'''''''' on Imam''''s political views in regard with foreign affairs. `Ashura'''', Reformations and Democracy Muhammad Akhawan The present article takes a probing look at the spirit and aim of Imam Husayn''''s epic uprising focusing on several issues including imamate (succession of prophet), the continuity of prophethood which is necessary for the constancy of the prophet''''s social message and the survival of religion. The Jurisprudential Rule of ``Amity and Acquittal'''''''' in Imam Khomeini''''s Political Views about Foreign Affairs Ali Emani The political thoughts of the thinkers and statesmen of a country has a great influence on determining its political trend both in domestic affairs and foreign affairs. The jurisprudential rule of ``amity and acquittal'''''''', is one of the fundamental principles of Imam''''s political views about foreign affairs. The Secret of Resignation An Inquiry about the Effect of ``Lack of Power'''''''' and ``Lack of General Consent'''''''' on Imam Ali''''s Twenty-Five-Year Distance from Caliphate Muhammad Sorush The present article is concerned with Imam Ali''''s retreating to house and remaining away from government although he had been appointed by the Trans. According to reason and Shariah this unity is a necessity and for the achievement of this essential goal we have to observe a number of principles, like concentration on common religious beliefs, abandonment of any kind of dispute, mutual respect, holding meetings and inviting for dialogues between eminent leading figures of the different Islamic schools of thoughts and deepening the relations between Islamic countries."

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