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(7 صفحه - از 257 تا 263)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Islamic Autumn AH، People Islamic State Grand Leader، Role People Islamic State Grand، The Role People Islamic State، The Islamic Noble Prophet، The Role Mosque Period Prophet، The Muslims Islam Muslims، The Grand Leader Rovolution Friday، Ahmad Reza Jalili Sayyed، Noble Prophet

خلاصه ماشینی:

"An Index of Articles on Islamic Political Thought and Jurisprudence Autumn of AH 1385/AD 2006 their influence, adding that it is important to avoid the practices that make people shun from going to mosques and to apply the model of the Prophet''''s goverment by stressing the correlation of politics with religion and integrating political and spiritual realms within the area of mosque. The Methods of Defining Expediency by Muhammad Reza Izadpour Among the valuable issues about which there is a great deal of dispute these days is the subject of the probable and definite ways of defining piligramage to to the Noble Prophet''''s shrine in the view of the different Islamic schools of thought. The author holds that there is a broad consensus of idea among Islamic schools of thought on the blessings that the piligrimage to the shrine of the Noble Prophet brings, and considers it a recommended act (mustahab) and one of the acts of worship in Islam. The last part of the essay shows clearly that paying homage to the Prophet by visiting his shrine contributes to preventing hostility and holds that it is a true means of manifesting one''''s dissociation from God''''s enemies and a practical way of showing one''''s friendship to the friends of God. The Role of Mosque in the Period of the Prophet''''s Government by Hussayn Jawan Araste The present article deals with the role of mosque by pointing to the distinction between mosques and other places of worship in Islam and briefly discussing the status of mosques in the Period of the prophet''''s government."

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