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An Investigation into the Effect of Authentic Materials on Iranian EFL Learners’ English Listening Comprehension


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Authentic Materials ،Listening Comprehension ،listening strategy ،listening difficulty

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Authentic Materials Iranian EFL Learners ، An Investigation Effect Authentic Materials ، The English Language Translation Department ، English Language Translation Department Payame ، English Listening Comprehension ، EFL ، Iranian ، Language Translation Department Payame Nour ، Department Payame Nour University Rudsar ، Translation Department Payame Nour University

Listening comprehension means the process of understanding speech in a second or foreign language. It is the perception of information and stimuli received through the ears. Iranian EFL learners have serious difficulties in English listening comprehension because Iranian universities pay more attention to grammar and reading. The researcher used a set of authentic materials to improve Iranian learners’ listening comprehension. The researcher examined the effect of authentic materials on Iranian learners’ listening comprehension, their listening difficulties, and their listening strategies. The participants of this study were students majoring in English Language Translation Department at the Payame Nour University of Rudsar. Data were collected from survey. The results of this study indicated that authentic materials helped Iranian students improve their listening comprehension and listening strategies.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"An Investigation into the Effect of Authentic Materials on Iranian EFL Learners’ English Listening Comprehension Seyed Mehdi Ahmadi Lahijan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan, Iran Email: mehdi. According to Hamouda (2013) and Pourhosein Gilakjani and Sabouri (2016), EFL learners have serious difficulties in listening comprehension because EFL teachers pay more attention to grammar, reading, and vocabulary and listening and speaking skills are not considered as the important parts of many text books. Paulston and Bruder (1976) said that it is necessary for learners who want to study in an English-speaking country to learn how to listen to lectures and take notes, to understand native speakers in different types of speech situations, and to comprehend radio and television broadcasts. Stress and intonation 4 8 According to Table 1, Iranian learners had serious problems in (c) speech rate (24%), (b) lack of listening strategies (20%), (a) unfamiliar accent (16%), and (e) new vocabulary and phrases (14%). No 7 14 The results of Table 4 show that the majority of Iranian EFL learners expressed that authentic materials help them form the habit of listening to English. According to the obtained findings from this study, authentic listening materials had an important effect on Iranian EFL learners’ listening comprehension and their habit of listening to English language. It is concluded that EFL teachers should encourage their learners to listen to a lot of interesting, free, and authentic materials and teach them significant listening strategies which can make listening comprehension skill easier for them."

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