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The Effect of Electronic Portfolio Assessment on the Writing Performance of Iranian EFL Learners


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The present study attempted to investigate the impact of electronic portfolio assessment on performance of Iranian EFL learners’ writing. To do so, 30 advanced EFL learners who participated in a TOEFL preparation course were selected as the participants of the study. After administrating a truncated version of TOEFL proficiency test, they were randomly assigned to control and experimental groups. The experimental group was given a treatment including electronic portfolio assessment, while the control group was given a placebo. To collect the required data, two instruments (a writing pre-test and a writing post-test) were administered to both groups during the experimentation. Subsequently, the learners’ scores were collected and the results were statistically analyzed. Inter-rater reliability, matched t-test, and independent t-test were calculated. The findings revealed that the participants of the experimental group outperformed those of the control group and thus it was concluded that electronic portfolio assessment can improve the writing ability and can be considered as a motivating assessment strategy.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Regarding the effectiveness of electronic portfolios in language learning and assessment especially in the field of writing assessment, Collins (1992) believed that portfolio assessment changed the traditional scoring of writing and introduced a new scoring system whereby the teacher shares, controls, and works collaboratively with students. For instance, Khodashenas, Kishani Farahani, and Amouzegar (2013) concluded that keeping portfolios can contribute to progress of the students in terms of writing ability and it can be used as a promising testing and teaching tool in English language classes. Masaeli and Chalak (2016) conducted a research on the impact of employing electronic portfolios on students’ writing skill in an English language institute in Isfahan, Iran. 3. 1 Participants Selection and Homogenization Since the purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of electronic portfolio assessment on writing performance of Iranian EFL learners, an experimental method was selected. In control group, students received traditional methods of teaching and assessing writing; every session learners were given a topic to write about, the instructor read and scored the students’ papers. 26 To determine the impact of electronic portfolio assessment on the writing ability of the participants of the experimental group, a matched t-test was also calculated for the mean scores of the experimental group on both pre-test and post- test. Thus, the present study aimed to use IT in language teaching and explore the impact of using electronic portfolio on EFL learners’ writing skills."

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