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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Relationship Between Information Technology ، Infrastructures Of Electronic Marketing Tehran ، Relationship Between Information Technology And ، The Trend Evolution Higher Education ، Government ، Tehran ، Infrastructures Electronic Tehran ، United States ، Infrastructures ، Reinventing Government

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The authors examined the relationship between information technology and reinventing government during the year 1384 – 1385 in the telecommunication company of Qom province. Key words Information Technology, Reinventing Government, customer – driven Government, mission – Driven Government, Enterprising Government, Decentralized Government. D Nabeallah Dehghan Information Technology has had a major impact on all of the area of the life of human, such as economics, business and jobs, so that an electronic copy has appeared for every business phenomena. Keywords Electronic Commerce, The Four- Infrastructure Model, Internet The Trend of Evolution of Higher Education Management within Today''''s world Hossein Khanifar, ph. Some phenomena such as globalization, virtual world, new structures, technology development, and so on, necessitate the reviewing the planing, policymaking and structures of higer education systems. Key Words: Virtual Reality, knowledge, Self Esteem, New Technological Relationship, New The Movement Of Comparative Administration Systems Manouchehr shojaei, ph. Key words Qualitative Research, Criteria Of Validity, Interpretive Paradigm."

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