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Sociological Analysis of Factors Effecting Tourism Satisfaction (A cose Study of the Kish Island


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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Sociological Analysis Factors Effecting Tourism ، Analysis Factors Effecting Tourism Satisfaction ، A Study Kish Island

The goal of this study is to survey factors affecting tourist''s satisfaction. The study is carried out by the Survey Method; and the data are collected by questionnaires، from a sample of 250 foreign tourists of the Kish Island (Iran).The study uses Meslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory، Homans’ Exchange Theory، and Morton’s Instrument and Goal Theory، in order to explain the tourist''s satisfaction. The results of this survey show that there are significant and positive relationships between demographic factors، economy، tourists'' knowledge، and experiences، propaganda، Iran’s political situation، tourism attractions، nationality، religion، and tourism satisfaction. The results of the multivariable analysis show that the variables of market attraction، tourists’ rights، historical attractions، and age are factors that have the most effects. They are entered into a regression equation. They could explain more than half of the variations of the dependent variable. By considering this، it seems that the theoretical model of the study، which is derived from the mentioned theories، is a proper and efficient model to evaluate the tourists'' satisfaction.

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